She’s 4!!! How Did this happen!!!

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a bit about parenting today. My first fruit is 4 years old today and I wonder how time flies by. My heart is full of joy in the midst of struggling to be a good mom. She is growing in the knowledge and wisdom of God. I always take [...]


Photo by David Paschke on Unsplash Have you ever wondered about your coincidences, lucks, failures and ultimately how everything in your life happens? How your steps are ordered? I want to use this to inspire and encourage someone, just the same the way I am encouraging myself. I just want to let someone know that you have to [...]

Welcome to YemmyMD

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my blog.My name is Olayemi, but my family and friends call me Yemmy. I have a passion and love for babies and this led to pursing a career in Medicine. To be honest with you, I have a passion and love for a lot of things such as fashion, cooking, DIYs/crafts. [...]