Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2019!

Hello Everyone,  Thank you for stopping by today.

New Year!, New You!. New Attitude! Now is the time to capitalize on an opportunity to start afresh. Now that we are in the New Year, lets talk about 2019 Goals. Having Goals helps to know what you want to achieve in this new year. I personally like to establish goals for almost everything that I want to achieve in my life. I will love to challenge you to get a journal and write your goals for 2019.

Criteria for writing your goals

  1. Create goals for different areas of your life.
    1. For example, Goals for Relationship, Family, Finance, Work/Career
  2. Set realistic goals that are attainable.
  3. Make goals that are measurable
  4. Decide if goals are short term vs long term
  5. Review goals periodically.
  6. Reward yourself for accomplishing a set goal.

Examples of 2019 Goals!!!

Personal Goals for 2019

  1. Lose 10 lbs by end of February
  2. Wake up 5am every day
  3. Have a daily devotional/meditation time for 15-20 mins in the morning

Financial Goals for 2019

  1. Creating or updating the Life Insurance by End of January 2019 for the family
  2. Updating or Looking over Wills/ Power of Attorney- Estate Planning before the March 2019
  3. Review Last year finances and create a yearly budget, semi-annual budget, quarterly budget and finally monthly budget.
  4. Review current debt and create a debt snowball for 2019 by end of January
  5. Create a savings plan and how much you intend to save in 2019 by end of January.

Family Goals for 2019

  1. Update Family Binder
  2. Plan annual family vacation
  3. Movie night at home, weekly vs monthly.

Career Goals for 2019

  1. Review certifications obtained and research available certification in 2019
  2. Look for available continuing educational opportunities
  3. Renew Licenses

Relationship Goals for 2019

  1. Monthly Date night
  2. Couples Trip
  3. Spend 10 mins daily in the morning or at night to check in with each other.
  4. At least once a week, intimate time, yes at least once a week but more is absolutely okay, as you desire.

So here’s a few ideas to get you started. Please email your ideas and let me know what is also on your 2019 goals.

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