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Have you ever wondered about your coincidences, lucks, failures and ultimately how everything in your life happens? How your steps are ordered?

I want to use this to inspire and encourage someone, just the same the way I am encouraging myself. I just want to let someone know that you have to continue to hold on and keep on going especially when the odds are stacked against you. Ps 130 v 5 NLT: I am counting on the Lord, yes, I am counting on HIM, I have put my hope in His Word.

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So, I know many people are curious to see which direction this blog is going, and I will tell you myself that I am too. It is a lifestyle blog and one of the key part of who I am is a Christ follower. There’s a heaviness on my heart to encourage people and to inspire people to let them know they are not alone. This is to say that in the midst of the trials, the tribulations, the heartache, the divorce, the infertility issues, the depression, the lack of self worth, God is still saying there is a bigger purpose to why we were created and that he has marked us for greatness. He still has a plan for you and I, and the anointing has not left us even though we don’t feel him near. What does that even mean, right? So this post is inspired by Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK.

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Key things to know when you are marked. I will be using King David and Abraham in the Bible to expand on this illustration of being marked.

  • You are approved in private ( Not everyone will see the process, you won’t get the cosign of your peers, you won’t get a lot of likes on Instagram, you won’t be recognized, not everyone will be able to see you in the seed form). That’s the time you have to hold on to the confidence of God and the assurance that He is the Creator and He knows exactly what he is doing. Just Praise HIM. Write verses of affirmation of the promises and repeat them wherever you are, at work, at home, while cooking or driving. Spent time with him and he also will draw near to you. For example, David was man after God’s own heart because he spent a lot of time with God ( God was with David because David was with God).
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  • You will be an answer to a Problem. He will cause a stirring inside of you that no one can really fill. He will urge you seek him more to receive answers that are burning inside of you. He will give you solutions that people may not be able to see or answers to questions that may be difficult for people to answer. For example, David was an answer to the Israelites, when he went to war to deliver food to his brothers. He realized that Goliath, a Philistine had been taunting the Israelites and they were frankly afraid of him. But he got there and he was like, who is this “uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God? (I Sam 17 v 26b) David was like how dare he talks about my God like that and He decided to take him on with his stones and a sling, even though Goliath was a man of war, fully clothes in his military regalia.
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  • Opportunity will be wrapped in obedience and this might be a hard one. Because we talk about opportunity and obedience but in reality it’s difficult to see an opportunity while we are being obedient sometimes. We question if the decision we are making is the right one, because how can I do something when I’m not exactly sure how it is going to work out. The fear of the unknown taunts us and wants to keep us complacent. For example, God told Abraham to leave his Father’s house is Haran and to move to a land that He will give to him, (Gen 12 v 1-4). Many of us would be like, but God, let me stay here for another year, and I will go when I have enough money, or I just need to get enough certifications before I can move my family or I need to pay my loans first before I can obey you. Trust me, I have been there personally with all of the questions but its much easier to follow and obey.

You are Marked by God for Destiny! You are Chosen! Will you let God do it?

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