She’s 4!!! How Did this happen!!!

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a bit about parenting today. My first fruit is 4 years old today and I wonder how time flies by. My heart is full of joy in the midst of struggling to be a good mom. She is growing in the knowledge and wisdom of God. I always take time to reflect, relish and relive her birth every year around her birthday. As a mom who works two jobs, my schedule doesn’t always permit me to be around as much as I would like but every time I see her beautiful face, I am reassured that I am doing a good job being her mother.

I am sure lots of mothers, working or not, struggle with being a good mother, yet alone a great mother. I just want to encourage you that you are more than likely are great mother. If you are not sure whether you are doing a good job or not, ask yourselves these questions. Look at your child or children, and ask, do they have a roof over their head, do they have everything they need not necessarily every they want, are they well dressed, are they well fed and are they getting a good education? Then you are a great mother.

Things you can to do improve your relationship with your children. 1. Spend 5-10 mins in the morning, reading the Word or praying with them as you get them ready in the morning. (I know it might be hard waking them up to have a family altar when they are in the toddler age range, as they get older, hopefully it becomes easier in the morning). It might even be when you driving them to school in the morning. 2. Read a book together ideally at bedtime, it becomes a routine they look forward to. 3. Share a meal together as a family without any distractions on the dining table or even on the living room floor. (No phones or tablets, for children and especially adult. Thats not the time to check the status of your post on social media, how many likes you garnered from your post or what other people are posting. Just family time). 4. Reassure them, how they make you proud, especially when they do the right thing. Affirm their position in the family and ensure that they are a vital part of the family. 5. Take family vacations together, either during the summer time or for their birthdays.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or ideas on creating lasting bonds with your child or children. God Bless!!!

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