Ways to Thrive and Flourish!!!

Welcome to March, My loves!!! I am so excited that spring is around the corner. Winter was quite long this season, but I know the kids enjoyed it with lots of snow days, which means NO SCHOOL . Well, as we are heading into spring, it’s time for spring cleaning, not only for our homes but especially for our hearts. It is a time of rejuvenation, regeneration and new growth. I am recently inspired during my devotional time about ways to live a rewarding life. Here are some keys points as we begin a new month and a new season.


Sometimes its hard to let go of past hurts and wrongs. It is sometimes easier to hold on to and not forgive, because in our mind, forgiveness is releasing our power and right to the person that has hurt us. Withholding forgiveness from someone gives us a false sense of reality that we are in control. Forgiveness is a vital part of life especially, if we desire wholeness and growth. It is releasing the hurts to allow healing to enter our hearts and purify out hearts and mind. It is not dismissing the betrayal but grants grace to the person and in returns sets us free.


So often we wear our grief or loss as a thorn on our hearts and most people though may not be able to see it, they are able to feel that shift in our lives. We become victims to our circumstances and sometimes we allow them to define us. Part of growth is processing grief in a healthy way. Everyone has gone through hurts and pain in one way, shape or form, but it is in those moments we groan for Jesus who gives us strength to push through. We must learn to walk through our difficult times, not around it or over it. We will come out on the other side of grief, refreshed and ready to grow into the next phase of our life. Matt 5:4.


I’m sure many of us may have come across a saying that says “Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real”. We sometimes give life to things that doesn’t even need our attention which leads to anxiety and stress over our lives. We need to practice the art of positive declaration over our lives and those of our family. We need to replace our fear of the unknown with courage of the future. Courage that pushes us to apply ourselves beyond the capacity that we think we can bear. A life of fear makes our faith anemic, barely surviving rather than living a rewarding and adventurous. Deut 31:6

Please leave comment about ways you refresh your mind as you begin a new season and especially a new month.

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