Messages for Mom and 10 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hello Loves, we are embarking on a special day to honor mothers. Everyone has a mother, whether they birthed us or nurtured us or guided us or even just encouraged us. We all have a mother figure in our lives. Just wanted to say some important message to honor mothers. Mother’s Day is not just for those who have have birthed a child. Mother’s Day is for everyone who desires to be a mother, or anyone who is married believing God for a fruit of the womb.

Message #1

You Are Enough!!!

We may feel as if we are inadequate for one reason or another. We may feel as though you are probably not doing your best or that you are not giving your child the best of you but be reassured that You are Enough!!!

Message #2.

You are Loved

Know that your child loves you, they may not be able to express this as best as they can. They may not be able to articulate how much they desire to be like you when they grow up but revel in the moments of the tiny embraces and hugs that will last a lifetime. Know that you are Loved!!!

Message #3.

You are Strong

I personally know so many mothers who are great mothers because of the relentless effort to ensure that their families and especially their children are happy, fed, clothed and content. Mothers who shuffle their schedules to be available for their children activities, come home and cook, clean the house before finally calling it a day. Know that you are Strong!!!.

So a toast to mothers who grind, day in and day out, I pray that we will enjoy the fruits of our labor. Happy Mother’s Day!!! Here’s a few last minute Mother’s Day Gift ideas

1. Cards- stores such as (Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS)

2. Gift cards (Especially Spa Gift Cards!!!)

3. Jewelry (Personalized necklaces or DIAMONDS)

4. Clothes

5. Shoes

6. Flowers

7. Bags

8. Perfume

9. Mother’s Day Brunch/ Lunch

10. Spend the day catering to your Mom- Priceless!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Wives and Mothers out there, I hope you babies spoil you rotten on your Day!

All My love


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