One Year Old Developmental Milestones!

Hello my loves!!! So I have a one year old baby, who really not a baby anymore. My Bobo is ONE!!! I am so happy to be able to see this day. The delivery experience was quite extraordinary but I am so grateful that we are able to celebrate my son’s birthday with my family. As a pediatrician, the 1 year old well child visit is coming up and I wanted to review some of the things that we normally will address at the one year old visit.

At the visit, the doctor will ask how the child has been from the last time the child was here. The doctor will also ask if there are any changes or if there’s any updates in the home, medical history, medications or allergies. She will also address developmental milestones, which address how the child is developing. There are five main categories of the Developmental Milestone and they are, Gross motor, Fine motor, Language, Cognitive and Social-Emotional.

12 month old developmental milestones

Gross Motor Milestones- Standing without support, or even walking. Some babies may start taking independent steps at this time or may be cruising, which is holding on to something as they walk.

Fine Motor Milestones- picking up small objects with the 2 finger grasp, using the thumb and the index finger. These objects can be Cheerios, small snacks, cut up fruits and even dirt that you really don’t want them picking up.

Expressive/ Receptive Language Milestones-Child will follow one steps command with gesture. Recognizes names of two objects and looks when named. Child can point to desired object and uses several gestures.

Social/Emotional Milestones- the baby can cooperate with dressing and can start to takes clothes off.

Cognitive Milestones- Child looks for objects hidden, for example, looks behind you, lifts a box or peels layer and understand the object doesn’t automatically disappears.

At this visit, the baby will receive 12 month old vaccines and the baby will also get blood work for complete blood count to ensure the baby is not anemic and a lead level. So yes they baby will get blood work done at the 1 year visit. Always use this opportunity to address any questions or concerns that you have with the doctor. If you are afraid you will forget, you can always write them down or make a note on your phone before the appointment.

Feel to leave a comment or ask any questions that you may have and I will do my best to answer as fast as I can.

Lots of love- Yemmy

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